Arn Anderson on WWE Using Commentary to Bury Superstars

Cody Rhodes may be one of the biggest babyfaces in the wrestling industry currently, but this wasn’t always the case with the Prodigal Son. Rhodes had a fairly early start to his wrestling career in WWE, and after spending nearly a decade in WWE, he ventured out to the independent scene.

Cody’s current ringside enforcer, Arn Anderson, talked about Cody’s time in WWE, and how WWE always misused Cody’s talents. Cody spent his last few years in the Stardust persona, which was basically a comic relief character. Cody’s brother, Dustin Rhodes, spent all his time in WWE as Goldust, and WWE used Cody in a similar fashion for a long time.

Anderson believed that Cody’s overall look was great as Stardust, but he had much more potential which wasn’t being used by WWE. Stardust had no future apart from being a comic relief, and it was frustrating for Anderson, who was part of WWE’s backstage team for a long time.

“I didn’t dislike it from the fact that the costuming and Cody looked good in that character. Every time I dealt with Cody from day one he would give you the best he could and I knew that there should be some good things happening for him in the business. His attitude was good, his ability was good straight away. And they put this character on him and I didn’t know how strongly he was against it until later. I thought he did a good job with it but there was no plan past that.

Anderson also talked about how WWE gives screen time for certain superstars, puts time and efforts of several people, only to end up burying them with the help of the announce team.

Anderson felt that as a company, WWE should be elevating all their superstars, irrespective of their character alignment, but instead they make them look worse on television in front of millions watching all over the world.

“Why would you take any character that is on our show, that the company professes to be the number one sports entertainment company in the entire world, and put them on our T.V. show with valuable time and have the announcers bury them. We make them look bad on our own show. What is the sense to all that? What could the mentality possibly be to get guys out there and other than enhance them in every way possible, get them out there and make clowns out of them. And it happens all the time.”

Anderson is currently in AEW and will be at Cody’s ringside during his TNT Championship Match against Lance Archer.