Arn Anderson Picks Modern-Day Horsemen, Triple H Congratulates New SmackDown Referee

Arn Anderson Picks Modern-Day Horsemen

During an episode of his podcast, The Arn Show, WWE Hall of Famer and member of the Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson, was asked who he would pick to create a modern-day version of the Four Horsemen.

With himself as the “JJ Dillon” or manager of the new stable, Anderson then proceeded to fill it with names of current wrestlers – most who are part of the WWE except one.

Anderson picked WWE tag team The Revival and superstar Braun Strowman. He also, however, picked current AEW wrestler and Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes.

Triple H Welcomes Newest SmackDown Referee

Seems like WWE COO Triple H’s “proud Papa” act with NXT Superstars called up to the main roster extends to other talents as well.

Jessika Carr, who was a long-time referee down in the black and gold brand, has made the move to the main roster. She joined the SmackDown brand and debuted on this week’s episode.

Triple H had some kind words for this NXT call up, calling her a “massive gain for SmackDown.” He also hashtagged his congratulatory tweet with #WeAreNXT.

Carr was thrilled with this praise as it turns out Triple H was something of a hero of hers. She shared a story about making a “music video” to Triple H’s theme during a middle school sleepover.