Arn Anderson Reveals Frustrations With His Producer Role In WWE

Image via WWE

During a Q&A with Conrad Thompson on the ARN podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson talked a little about the events leading to his release from the WWE earlier this year.

Anderson seemed to express relief about leaving the WWE and his producer role, stating that he knew his time with the WWE was nearing an end four years before his actual release happened.

“Before I got canned. I was getting blamed for stuff that was perceived to be my fault, that wasn’t my fault. My opinion was not valued,” said Anderson.

He also revealed that many suggestions from himself and other producers were not being used and in fact, most of the WWE content in the last four years didn’t come from producers and there was a conflict with creative.

“You would get a sheet with the Producer suggestions, and names that go by with them, and they never would use any of those suggestions. and I knew my opinion was no longer valued. And you would speak up, it would be taken the wrong way, it was almost like it was Creative vs. the Producers, which was the farthest thing from the truth,” he said.

“We were doing all we could to support their ideas. A lot of them we disagreed with and we’d voice it, and then we’d get kicked around the room, but by the time it got back to the beginning, it was just what was written originally,” he added.

Anderson was released from WWE around February. Prior to that he had already been working backstage for 18 years. He is currently working with AEW, making his debut with the company at the All Out pay-per-view.