Arn Anderson Reveals He was Behind the Name Evolution

Arn Anderson is currently working with All Elite Wrestling, as part of the Nightmare Family. He had a long stint with WWE over the years and made huge contributions backstage.

Anderson revealed on the ARN Show podcast, that it was he who came up with the name Evolution for the stable during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

He said that Vince invited all his backstage folk to brainstorm the idea, and he came up with the perfect word to describe them.

“I named them. Vince had us all in there when he listened to us. This was back in a time prior to Randy or Batista or (John) Cena getting their push. He had this new group of talent he brought in from the schools and said, ‘Guys, who are going to be our stars of tomorrow? Who do you guys think so far that has it?’ It was Cena, Randy and Dave.”

Evolution went on to feature two of the OVW graduates, Batista and Randy Orton, alongside Triple H and Ric Flair.

Anderson was a crucial backstage figure before he was let go after he let Alicia Fox perform during a show while she was intoxicated.