Arn Anderson Reveals The Details Behind Tyson Kidd’s Career-Ending Injury in 2015

Tyson Kidd hasn’t stepped in a WWE ring since 2015 when he faced Samoa Joe in a dark match on Monday Night Raw. The match ended following a Muscle Buster from Joe which went on to injure Kidd’s neck and cost him his career with WWE as a talent.

Kidd went on to have surgery but he has been unable to make any kind of in-ring return, instead opting to work as a backstage producer with WWE, which means that he can remain on the road with his wife Natalya.

While there’s no ill will between Kidd and Joe, and the Muscle Buster has since been removed from Joe’s arsenal out of respect for Kidd, this is still one of the most infamous injuries in WWE in recent times.

Arn Anderson was able to discuss the specifics leading into the match on his Arn Podcast, where he revealed that Kidd didn’t even have time to warm up ahead of the match before he was expected to fight Joe as part of an audition style match for Vince McMahon.

“The word we got was, it was a dark match before the show started. Vince wanted to see Joe work because he heard all about him. They put together something really quick.”

“They had TJ put his boots on. I don’t think he had time to warm up. The guys didn’t have time to talk. It was a 5-minute deal. Something accidental happened, not to say anything one way or the other caused it. It was an accident. There is no other way to put it. Accidents happen in our business.”

“That day his career was taken away as a talent. It was one of those mistakes that happened. A guy lands wrong and he’s changed forever. Necks were not made for this business.”

“Your neck controls so many other bodily functions. It can run down your leg. It can run down your arm. When you tear your neck up, it has ramifications all over your body. That’s what happened that night and it was a loss to the wrestling business for damn sure.”