Arn Anderson Says He Had COVID-19 Recently But the Results Were Negative

On the ARN show, Arn Anderson recently revealed that the past few weeks weren’t the best in his life. Anderson said that his health got terrible and he couldn’t even breathe properly. He said that he had COVID-19 but the tests never returned positive.

“The last few weeks I found out a few things personally. I found out there is such a thing as a negative-positive test and a positive-negative test.”

“You can have several tests in a row that are all negative, which I did. I mean overkill, like every other day, because I got really, really sick a couple weeks ago for about 10 days. Thank God it was during the period we were off at AEW and I wasn’t exposed to anybody and quarantined in my house, but buddy, I’m just telling you, I know the symptoms vary, hugely, from person to person and age group, and let me tell you I got sick as hell. It scared me to death.”

It wasn’t the first time someone from AEW has warned the fans against this virus. Several wrestlers, such as Chris Jericho and Lance Archer, had COVID-19 but their experience with the virus was very different than others.