Arn Anderson Talks About John Cena, Reveals His Working Relationship With Vince McMahon

Arn Anderson had a very close working relationship with John Cena. When Arn got fired by Vince McMahon, most people assumed that this wouldn’t have happened if Cena was there.

Cena and Anderson have mutual respect for each other, and recently on the ARN podcast, the former WWE backstage producer talked about how much influence he had on Cena’s matches. 

“I never failed to tell him what I thought and when something was too much, and [if] we’re making a mistake here. If it was already settled and it was already being discussed, I had very, very little control over that.”

He further talked about Vince McMahon’s relationship with Cena. Anderson said that when Cena became a huge wrestler, he got more control over his angles. Even Vince didn’t object to Cena’s opinions, most of the time.

“As the years crept by, less and less, John took more control of what he felt he should do in his angles. Nine times out of 10, Vince would just go right along with him, and I understand.”