Backstage Details On Why Arn Anderson Was Fired From WWE

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Arn Anderson was a loyal member of WWE’s backstage staff for almost two decades before he was abruptly fired from the company back in February without any kind of public statement shared with the WWE Universe.

The WWE Hall of Famer had been in a high level position with the company ever since 2001 when WCW folded, having become a household name as one of the legendary Four Horsemen.

While rumors have run wild about the reasons behind his release over the past few days, it appears that an altercation with Vince McMahon could have been the main reason he was forced to leave.

According to a report by WrestlingInc, the reason behind his shock firing was because of an issue with Alicia Fox at a WWE Live Event, where Anderson reportedly allowed the former Divas Champion wrestle after she turned up to the arena intoxicated. Anderson was reportedly the agent for her match and still allowed it to go ahead and Vince McMahon was reportedly livid.

There were a number of other issues that led up to this one, but according to the report, this was the final straw. Anderson was a well-respected member of WWE’s staff and many fans believe he could now head over to All Elite Wrestling if a position arises.

Alicia Fox’s status with WWE is somewhat unknown. The Raw star wasn’t backstage at Raw last week and may not be part of the show again tonight.

Fox is one of WWE’s longest-tenured female wrestlers with more than a decade on the main roster behind her, which means that she should have perhaps known a lot better than turning up to a Live Event while drunk, but Anderson was ultimately the star who took the fall for her with no update on Fox’s status at present.