Backstage Heat On Braun Strowman

Monday Night RAW Superstar Braun Strowman is currently facing some backstage heat in WWE. This probably goes on to explain why he was booked in such a humiliating fashion at WWE Crown Jewel.

Brock Lesnar went 1-on-1 with Strowman for the vacant Universal Championship on Friday in Saudi Arabia. It was a straight-out squash match as The Beast crushed The Monster with only a bunch of devastating F5s. The WWE Universe was shocked for Strowman was the favorite to have won the championship and they didn’t want to see the title around Lesnar’s waist for a second time.

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Mike Johnson revealed an interesting fact on PWInsider Elite audio that goes on to explain why Strowman was denied the top spot at Crown Jewel despite being slated to win the title in the first place.

“One of the things that I heard from multiple people – we’re talking 4 different people. There are times where Strowman is negligent when it comes to showing up on time,” Johnson said.

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He added “He has a reputation at times for leaving a little early and sometimes he makes mistakes in terms of etiquette in the backstage in the locker room. Sometimes, as one person put it, he’s his own worst enemy and his worst advocate. They would be high on him and just when he gets to the point where you would think the next step is putting him into the centerpiece position for the company [then] something happens and he makes some sort of misstep backstage and people within management kind of cool on him and they take a step back.”

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Dave Meltzer also reported that the plan was to make Strowman look like he never recovered from Baron Corbin’s blow.

It’s ironic how Strowman has to suffer for his conduct given Lesnar leaves the arena immediately after his match/segment is over and rarely shows up on the RAW episode that follows. However, given his accomplishments in combat sports, The Beast enjoys special privileges in Vince McMahon’s WWE.