Backstage News On RAW Going Overtime, Randy Orton Injury Angle

Image via WWE

This week’s RAW featured a wedding celebration in the main-event of the show, with the love-birds Lana and Lashley finally tying the knot in the middle of the ring. However, as is the case with every wedding ceremony in the history of wrestling, things boiled over spectacularly and the show even went over-time to feature the entirety of that segment.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this over-run was merely a one-time thing, and won’t be a fixture with WWE programming going forward. NXT went over-time recently, but apart from that, RAW and SmackDown have rarely gone past the 11 PM and 10 PM time limits respectively.

It was reported that the ratings for that particular segment were ‘way up’, and the video of the segment was trending #1 on YouTube for several hours. The video has over five million viewers on WWE’s channel, which makes it one of the top videos in recent times.

RAW also fetched its best viewership in three months, which is a pretty big deal for the storyline. The storyline has been slammed for being too over-the-top but if numbers are anything to go by, the audiences love it.

Another major angle on this week’s RAW unfolded when Randy Orton faked his injury to get one-up on his nemesis AJ Styles. WWE announced Orton’s injury at last week’s live-event, and Orton himself cut a pretty believable promo before revealing it all to be a fake move.

Meltzer noted on WOR that his plan was schemed by RAW’s Executive Director, Paul Heyman, who wanted to play out more storylines on the live-events. The attendance for these events has been dwindling, and hence, doing big angles could help to bring in more fans.

The fake injury, however, couldn’t stay as a secret heading into RAW, as it was quickly reported that the whole angle was merely a storyline.