Backstage News on Street Profits, WWE Stocks Up After NXT-USA Network Deal

Image via WWE

The Street Profits recently lost their NXT Tag Team Championships to the Undisputed Era on the latest set of NXT tapings. This led to several fans wondering whether a full-roster move was on the cards, and the Ford-Dawkins pairing could finally start wrestling on the main roster.

However, according to Dave Meltzer of, there are currently no plans to move the duo full-time on the main roster. The two superstars might have lost their tag-titles, but they will continue to appear in backstage segments only.

Meltzer added by saying that they are still a part of the NXT roster, and their appearances on RAW will be limited to backstage segments with different superstars. Street Profits were one of the first changes made to RAW after the appointment of Paul Heyman as the Executive Director, and they started appearing in backstage segments hyping the storylines and matches since July 1 episode.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are highly talented individuals and made a big name for themselves at WrestleMania weekend earlier this year when they won the Tag-Team belts in a ladder match, which was surprisingly their first match on a Takeover event.

Elsewhere, WWE’s plans of moving NXT to USA Network is already benefiting them, with WWE’s share prices increasing substantially after the rumors picked up steam. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Live reported that this morning, the stock prices were up by close to $2.5 per share, which is news for WWE officials.

The official announcement is yet to be made, and once it takes place on RAW tonight, the stock prices will definitely surge upwards once again.

The prices are still increasing with close to $3 increase as of this writing. WWE’s ratings plummeted recently, after declining ratings and the introduction of Wild Card Rule. However, things are starting to look bright again with the NXT-USA deal, and SmackDown Live’ imminent switch over to FOX programming.