Backstage News On Why It Took WWE A Year To Release Neville

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As previously reported, WWE moved Neville’s profile over to the alumni section of earlier this week, which was the company’s way of announcing that the former Cruiserweight Champion had been released from WWE.

Neville originally walked out of the company back on October 2017 but he was still contracted with WWE at the time and even though he tried to negotiate a release, his contract has been frozen over the past year whilst he has refused to appear.

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The fact that WWE was aware that Neville wasn’t going to return to WWE as an active competitor has raised the question of why he was kept under contract for an entire year before his release was granted and it appears that WWE has a valid reason.

According to The Wrestling Observer, via WrestlingInc when Neville first walked out, WWE didn’t want to grant him his release because it would send the wrong message to their roster when it comes to superstars being disappointed with their positions.

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They didn’t want Neville to be able to walk out and then head over to New Japan Pro Wrestling, because they thought that was where he was going to end up.

There have been a number of stars reportedly unhappy with booking decisions over the past few years and WWE didn’t want to set a precedent that whenever they were unhappy they should walk out and then negotiate a release.

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The British Star is currently one of the many names that are rumored to be part of ‘All In’ tomorrow night since he is now a free agent, it’s likely that he will be one of the surprise superstars on the show.