Backstage Note On Sasha Banks’ Injury

Sasha Banks was mysteriously pulled from the Mixed Match Challenge last week and replaced by Mickie James when it was reported that The Boss was struggling with an injury. At the time it was thought that the injury would be made public when more information was known, but now it appears that WWE is being secretive with the injury for a reason.

The Wrestling Observer recently noted that WWE is keeping the injury quiet backstage and RingSideNews is now reporting that their sources have confirmed that Banks’ injury is being referred to as “a health-related issue.”

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Banks is a former Women’s Champion and over the past few days, she has been updating a number of cryptic messages on Instagram and Twitter that have fans coming up with a number of wild theories.

Banks and Bayley were expected to be part of a Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Evolution on October 28th, but now it is unknown if The Boss will be cleared in time to be part of history alongside the other women in WWE.

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WWE rarely keep injuries this secretive and since Sasha has been pictured walking in the images that her husband has put online, it’s likely that this isn’t anything to do with her legs.

Ahead of the injury Banks was seemingly enjoying working alongside her best friend, which means that it’s unlikely that this is a cover for the former Champion being unhappy in her current contract.

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All that is known currently is that Banks is unable to wrestle which is why she has been sidelined and WWE isn’t only keeping the injury a secret from the WWE Universe, but they are also keeping it a secret from their own locker room.