Backstage Reaction On CM Punk’s Comments On The Miz

Image via Twitter

CM Punk ruffled a few feathers after his fiery comments on The Miz, and after the backlash, he promptly deleted his tweet. Punk’s comments were clearly in bad taste and did not go down well with several sections of the professional wrestling community.

CM Punk responded to The Miz, after Miz’s comments on WWE Backstage this week, which dissed Punk’s ‘change the culture’ comment. Punk’s comments were slightly homophobic in nature, which won’t look good for either FOX or WWE, and Punk’s association with both these big companies could land him in troubled waters for the remarks.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, backstage officials weren’t too concerned with the way Punk reacted, although they did take notice of it. Although CM Punk has denied any association with WWE, the company is still indirectly connected with him due to Punk’s contract with FOX Network and his appearance on a WWE show.

“While people were critical, it didn’t result in a reaction by FOX or WWE over the idea that someone on their show made a homophobic remark and then trying to force an apology. Really, it wasn’t that big of a reaction, but there was a reaction”

WWE Backstage has featured CM Punk twice until now, and he will surely make more appearances in the future. His next appearance is scheduled to take place on the January 21 episode, and will surely have some interesting things to say following his comments.

CM Punk has helped WWE Backstage draw good ratings in the past and hence, FOX letting go of Punk so soon is completely out of question at this point.

Punk will surely need to be more vigilant before making such controversial comments or at least word them properly if he intends to get in a tussle with some superstar on social media.