Backstage Reaction To Lio Rush Has Reportedly Changed, SmackDown Live Commentary Team Set To Have A Makeover?


WWE Locker Room Has Changed Their Opinion On Lio Rush?

Lio Rush only recently came to the main roster alongside Bobby Lashley off the back of a lot of backstage heat since he decided to make a comment about Emma’s WWE release back when he was in NXT.

Rush was reportedly kicked out of the locker room for this and was then someone that was given a lot of heat for a long time before he was able to earn the respect of his peers once again.

According to a report by, Lio Rush has now changed a lot of people’s opinions backstage over the past few months and is now receiving rave reviews and has a number of supporters.

It appears that times have definitely changed for Rush who even recently was Tweeting about being disliked, but he has been able to put on fantastic shows in the matches he’s been part of which is why he’s now seen as an integral member of the Monday Night Raw family.

WWE Set To Remove One Man From The Commentary Team?

WWE’s SmackDown Commentary Team has been through a number of changes over the years and now consists of Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton but according to a report by, the company could be forced to make a change.

The site states that Fox only wants a two man commentary team when the show makes the switch over to the network which may mean that Byron Saxton is the man taken off the panel since Graves and Phillips have already been seen as the dominant voices.

Historically, SmackDown was known to have a two man commentary team which consisted of Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross, but times have definitely changed and a number of faces have graced the commentary table since then including Booker T, JBL and Michael Cole.