Baron Corbin On Getting Heat From The Crowd

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Current WWE Raw acting General Manager Baron Corbin doesn’t mind that fans hate him, he encourages it.

Speaking to Adam Pacitti of, Corbin emphasized that, he really tries to create a strong heel persona and that includes stoking the heat coming from the crowd.

“I just like to pour kerosene on fires,” said Corbin.

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To illustrate his point, he shared an anecdote about a time he goaded an elderly fan into almost coming after him.

According to Corbin, during a show in Mississippi, he noticed that an elderly man in the crowd was visibly annoyed at him and made it his goal to annoy the fan even more.

“It got to the point where his wife, who was sitting behind him, was holding on to his overalls, because he was trying to come after me,” recalls Corbin.

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Corbin also shared that, during his early days he felt he was treated differently, for coming from the NFL and not the independent wrestling scene.

“People assume, ‘He doesn’t know anything about wrestling, they’re bringing him here because he was an NFL guy, or a big guy.’ People give that misconception when you walk in, especially guys who have been doing it for 10 or 15 years, all over the world. They have a bit of jealousy or whatever it may be. You just got to prove them wrong,” said Corbin.

Corbin added that, despite what fans might think about individual superstars, the superstars themselves are supportive of each other in and out of the ring.

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“I think everybody wants everybody to be successful. There is that competitive nature, in a sense that everybody wants to be the best, but if A.J. Styles is more successful, and Braun Strowman is more successful, that makes the company more successful,” said Corbin.

Check out the entire interview with Corbin below: