Baron Corbin Reportedly Has Younger Female Fans Drooling All Over Him

The Lone Wolf is leading the charge in WWE's mission to securing a younger audience

Image via WWE

Baron Corbin is the next big thing in WWE as has been understood by the direction that he has been treading in as of late.

The Lone Wolf, a big-time choker, has established himself as a promising heel through his impeccable mic skills and in-ring abilities. It’s true that he is currently a “go away heat” material but that doesn’t discourage WWE from grooming him into a bigger role.

A handsome guy playing the role of a bald bad man on TV, Corbin is pretty popular with the young ladies!

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard revealed that a recent study scored Corbin as the Adonis in the 14-22 female demographic.

Baron Corbin is big with the 14-22 female demographic. His fans mimic the ones Jeff Hardy had back in the day according to a recent study.”

WWE is hell-bent on securing a younger audience, mostly teens and young adults to give AEW little room for growth. And it so happens that the Lone Wolf is already leading the charge on a high note!

“I actually asked a source about that […] so that’s not why he’s being pushed, but that’s certainly a reason. It’s not that he’s a heartthrob, he just does well with that particular demographic.”

At WrestleMania 35, Corbin retired Kurt Angle in the Hall Of Famer’s farewell match. Vince McMahon is reportedly high on the 34-year-old Superstar and already sees him as championship material.

WWE has booked Corbin and Seth Rollins in a Universal Championship feud that would reportedly be over at SummerSlam, however, it doesn’t seem like the Lone Wolf is going to get his hands on the gold anytime soon.

Rollins successfully defended the Universal Title against Corbin at Stomping Grounds despite guest referee Lacey Evans delivering a low blow to The Beastslayer. After all, RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had run down to even the odds!

At Extreme Rules, Corbin and Evans will be teaming up to take on the babyface duo of Rollins and Lynch with both the Universal and RAW Women’s Titles up for grabs.