Baron Corbin Explains Why Social Media Is A Toxic Place For WWE Superstars

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From the ranks of a Lone Wolf to Constable to General Manager-Elect, Baron Corbin has come a long way in WWE.

Currently serving as the on-screen General Manager-Elect of Monday Night RAW, heel Corbin has successfully turned the red brand into his kingdom of tyranny by limitlessly abusing his powers. 

During a recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T on Heated Conversations podcast, Corbin explained how social media has become a toxic place for WWE Superstars while admitting how essential it is to build a brand these days.

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“It gives a bunch of idiots, in reality, an opinion and they don’t know how to express it appropriately. The language, the insults, all of those things, and it just makes the world seem so unhappy. If you read the Twitter feed, it seems like everyone in the entire world is beyond miserable. But, I think now, unfortunately, it’s a necessity. It’s a form of exposure and advertisement. My Instagram, my Twitter, is a form of advertisement for my business and what I do. Yeah, my brand. It is, but it is crazy how negative it is to everything!

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It’s no secret that social media platforms mainly Twitter have significantly helped in providing fans with a suitable ground for their ‘movements’.

“I was telling somebody when I was coming out of the car that 20 people could say, ‘Baron Corbin should wear a red shirt tonight on RAW!’ and if I wore a red shirt, those same 20 people are like, ‘he looks terrible! It should’ve been blue!’ There’s no pleasing it and I think [social media] just gives people a place to say what they want because there are no repercussions for their actions.. If you took all these people that said all these things to me [on the internet] and put them in front of me, their attitude changes so fast.

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“Just because [Twitter fans] are the loudest, it doesn’t mean they’re the majority.”

The backlash on WWE initially naming the Women’s Battle Royal Match at WrestleMania 34 after Fabulous Moolah, the #GiveDivasAChance hashtag, the reaction to Becky Lynch being recently injured by Nia Jax, the huge resentment towards WWE proceeding with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia are few of the numerous positive and negative reactions that have helped shape WWE’s product over the years, thanks to the “beyond miserable” social media.