Baron Corbin Takes Shots At AEW, Again!

Corbin extends his personality onto the online world as well

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Baron Corbin, or King Corbin, according to his current gimmick is quite a personality on social media. Corbin is one of the top heels in WWE currently, and he extends his personality onto the online world as well.

Baron Corbin has constantly taken shots at the smarks of the wrestling fanbase. A recent Instagram post talked about the micro analyzation of everything that AEW does, criticizing the fanbase.

The post talked about AEW fans talking about stickers, promos on Being The Elite and the UK TV deal. Baron Corbin commented on the post and said that such individuals who nitpick over everything are AEW’s target audience.

“The ones who criticize every detail are literally their target audience haha.”

Baron Corbin criticizing AEW is not a new sight, as he took shots at the company after they made Chris Jericho the first-ever AEW World Champion.

“All of these smarks have hated everything we do and complained about every detail that now they are forced to love everything these guys do even when it shows how dumb they really are.”

Baron Corbin recently won the King of the Ring tournament and is currently embroiled in a rivalry with his opponent from the final, Chad Gable.

Corbin has defended WWE several times in the past and won’t look to stop anytime soon. Unlike Seth Rollins, who deleted his Twitter account following several hate comments from Sasha Banks fans, Corbin doesn’t care about his image online and is constantly bashing the Internet Wrestling Community.

The former Money in the Bank winner was subject to severe criticism during his run as General Manager, and even WWE themselves put the blame on the Lone Wolf for the falling ratings.

Corbin, however, keeps living the gimmick and will continue to be a major part of WWE programming in the coming months.