Baron Corbin Takes Shots At ‘Smarks’, Sasha Banks Responds To AEW Superstar

Image via WWE

Baron Corbin is known to be a staunch supporter of WWE online and has taken shots at ‘smarks’ quite a few times in the past. Chris Jericho was crowned as the inaugural AEW World Champion this weekend at AEW All Out, and Baron Corbin wasn’t too thrilled about this.

Corbin commented on an Instagram post, which was a screenshot of a tweet calling out AEW for crowning a soon-to-be 49-year-old as its top champion. The tweet was aimed at individuals who are classified as ‘smarks’ withing the Internet Wrestling Community. The tweet read,

“So… For all tHE S**T WWE gets about having older guys go over younger talent, Friendly reminder that the current AEW World Champ will be 49 in November. Now I like Jericho but keep that same energy. #AEWAllOut”

Baron Corbin replied to the post on Instagram, which called out the ‘smarks’ for rejecting WWE’s presentation and accepting AEW’s way of doing things, which is quite similar to WWE itself.

“All of these smarks have hated and complained about everything we do. Now they are forced to love everything these guy do, even when it’s the exact same thing. It really shows how dumb they really are.”

Usually, heels bash fans on social media to gain some heat for their characters. However, this was not a comment made to gain heat, it was simply calling out the biased nature of the ‘smart’ fans in the professional wrestling industry.

Meanwhile, Sasha Banks responded to Trent Barreta‘s tweet from last night and said that she is simply a fan of professional wrestling. Barreta, similar to Corbin, trolled fans with a tweet saying that fans should pick either WWE or AEW and defend their pick on the internet by being mean to the other fanbase.

Sasha Banks was rumored to leave WWE and join AEW recently before she eventually patched things up and made a return to the WWE ring.