Baron Corbin’s Throne Breaks Down On RAW, WWE Botches Ric Flair’s Entrance

Baron Corbin, or King Corbin as he is referred to nowadays, made an appearance on the season premiere of RAW this week. Corbin joined forces with Randy Orton and was revealed as the second member of Team Flair.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were announced as coaches of five-superstar teams, and the two forces will collide at WWE’s Halloween show in Saudi Arabia. Flair’s former Evolution teammate Randy Orton was revealed as the team captain for Team Flair, along with King Corbin.

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Seth Rollins will be the captain for Team Hogan while Rusev is the second entry into the team.

Rusev and Seth Rollins faced off in the main event of RAW with the Universal Championship on the line, while Corbin and Randy Orton watched on from the ramp. Corbin, dressed in his king avatar, tried to sit royally on his throne. The throne completely crushed under his weight leading to a hilarious segment for the crowd, and even Orton joined in on the fun!

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Corbin later blamed Chad Gable for the throne’s collapse, as Gable has destroyed several items of the King’s collection in recent weeks.

Corbin’s hilarious part wasn’t the only goof-up on RAW last night, as WWE botched the entrance video for the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

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Ric Flair appeared on the Miz TV, and during his entrance, there was a glaring mistake on the titantron. During Flair’s entrance, the titantron showed ’17’, indicating the number of his championship reigns.

However, WWE counts only 16 reigns of Flair in its history, and the Nature Boy is the most-crowned World Champion along with John Cena.

Ric Flair has held more than 16 world titles in his wrestling career, but WWE acknowledges only sixteen of them. Flair performed in several promotions during his nearly five-decade-long career, and won championships everywhere he went.

Hopefully, WWE avoids such goof-ups in the future.