Batista Reveals How He Stopped Asthma Attacks During Matches

Batista is one of the most outspoken stars of Hollywood and the former WWE Champion doesn’t shy away from letting his political beliefs known.

Batista’s friend and fellow actor Ken Jeong posted a video of President Donald Trump breathing heavily, which caught the attention of The Animal.

He revealed that Trump was having an asthma attack, as he has himself experienced it before. Batista went on to mock Trump’s hairstyle and dressing sense.

Batista added that he almost got an asthma attack himself seeing POTUS’ video.

When he was questioned about how he dealt with his problems while he performed inside the Squared Circle, Batista said that he used to hide inhalers around the ring, just in case he needed to use them.

Batista retired from in-ring competition last year, after a loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 35. He is now focusing on his Hollywood career, but a return to the ring isn’t completely out of option for one of the best wrestlers from the Ruthless Aggression Era.