Batista and Inner Circle At Bellator 231, Finn Balor States “The Prince Is Back”, Cain Velasquez Vows To Give Brock Lesnar “Another Scar”

Image via Twitter

Batista and Inner Circle at Bellator

AEW’s Jake Hagar had his third fight for Bellator at the Bellator 231 event versus Anthony Garrett. The match ended in a no-contest after the first round.

Hager recently joined AEW as part of the current AEW Champion Chris Jericho’s faction, the Inner Circle. Members of the Inner Circle, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz were in attendance and took some interesting photos during the event.

Also in attendance was another former WWE Superstar, Dave Batista. The Inner Circle took a photo with him and Hagger during the event.

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They also posted another photo taken during the event of themselves with the UFC Hall of Famer Royce Grace.

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Finn Balor Declares “The Prince Is Back”

Finn Balor shocked the WWE Universe with a heel turn on the most recent episode of NXT, turning and attacking Johnny Gargano.

TMZ Sports caught up with Balor and asked him about the reasons behind his attack on Gargano. According to Balor, the attack was “a long time coming,” but he didn’t exactly confirm that this was the start of a heel turn.

“Am I a bad guy or do I just do bad things sometimes? Lines are blurred in this day and age, we don’t know what’s going on,” says Balor

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Balor was a little less coy when talking to Booker T on WWE Backstage.

“Well, let’s just say ‘The Prince’ is back,” he said.

Balor is referencing his days back in NJPW where he made his name as Prince Devitt and formed the heel stable, the Bullet Club.

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Cain Velasquez Promises To Give Brock Lesnar Another Scar

The rivalry between Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar heated up even further on last night’s episode of SmackDown with another attack by Lesnar on Velasquez’s godson Dominik Mysterio.

While Velasquez and Dominik’s father Rey Mysterio were in the ring cutting a promo last night, Lesnar was backstage attacking Dominik. Lesnar then ambushed Velasquez in the trainer’s room, F5-ing him onto an injured Dominik.

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On Twitter, Velasquez addressed Lesnar’s attacks on him and the “familia”, promising to give the Beast “a second scar.” Velasquez is referring to the match in 2010 where he beat Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.