Batista Issued a Challenge By IMPACT Superstar Killer Kross

Batista retired from wrestling earlier this year


Batista‘s wrestling days may be over at this point, but his connection with the business won’t end anytime soon. In one of the most bizarre challenges ever laid down, IMPACT Wrestling superstar Killer Kross issued a challenge to the Animal.

Killer Kross defeated Nick Gage at Bloodsport II, and proceeded to cut a promo where he called out Batista. He said that Batista may be retired, but he loves this business and should come out of retirement for a match against Kross at Bloodsport.

“I have a question and I’m asking it respectfully, respectfully. There’s a guy out there who says he retired. He says he’s retired, but being in this ring in front of everybody in this building I f*****G love this business, I f*****g love it and there’s no way he doesn’t love it anymore either so I don’t believe he’s retired, so I’m asking respectfully.”

It is highly likely that Batista is not even aware who Kross is or which promotion he works for, and hence, this is merely an excuse to get a cheap pop from the audiences.

Kross has never wrestled for WWE in any capacity, which makes it even funnier to see him challenge a superstar who wrestled in WWE all his life.

“Dave Bautista I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. I’m not one of these as who comes out here to benefit out of anyone’s celebrity, but you just heard that! You guys want Batista at Bloodsport, give us what we want

It would be a major surprise if Batista even acknowledges and replies to Kross, and it would definitely be an earth-shattering announcement if he returns to an independent event and face Killer Kross of all people!

Until then, it is safe to assume that Batista is off shooting his next flick and staying away from professional wrestling for the foreseeable future.