Batista Needed “Closure” Of Facing Triple H One Last Time

Image via WWE

After losing his match against Triple H during WrestleMania 35, Batista has now officially announced his retirement.

In an interview with Lilian Garcia on her podcast Chasing Glory, Batista told her that losing to Triple H was the way he really wanted to end his career with the WWE.

According to Batista, he wanted his last match to be with someone he was familiar with and who he had a backstory with. He also wanted to give back to the WWE and believed that going out after a match with Triple H was the way to do it.

“I felt like my career really got started when I started working with Triple H. I never have been around the bush about it, Hunter made me a star,” said Batista.

“He put a lot of stock into me. He invested a lot into me and put himself on the line physically for me. Not only did he put me over three times clean in the ring to make me a star, but also took the time to have me ride with him and have me pick his brain. He just groomed me to be a star in that company, so I wanted to finish out my career for him by just saying thank you to go out laying on my back for the guy,” he elaborated.

Batista revealed that he shared the “old school” opinion that a wrestler should go out on their back and build up a new rising star that way.

“Obviously, Hunter is already a star, but I wanted my last match to be with him on my back, because that is literally the only way that I can thank him,” he concluded.

You can listen to the rest of Batista’s interview with Garcia below.

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