Batista Tried To Talk The Undertaker Out Of His Match With Goldberg At Super ShowDown

Image via WWE

The Undertaker took on Goldberg as part of Super ShowDown on Friday night where the two men were part of a match that both stars would prefer to forget. The match started out well until Goldberg was knocked out when he was thrown into the ring post and it seemed to go downhill from there.

Undertaker and Goldberg are close friends and asked WWE to make the match between them in The Middle East, but one star who knows all about coming back to the company for a high profile match is Batista who returned to lose to Triple H at WrestleMania.

Batista is now 52-years-old and he returned to face 49-year-old Triple H back in April, where he fell through the ropes as part of his entrance, so it appears that the former World Champion believed he could help Undertaker before he stepped in the ring.

Despite admitting that he hasn’t actually seen the full match yet, The Animal recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin where he opened up about the fact that he had recently spoken to The Undertaker and tried to talk him out of the match on the day, but The Deadman stated that he was obligated to be part of the show now because he had made a deal with WWE.

“I called ‘Taker Friday. I called him Friday and I said, ‘Hey man, is there any way I can talk you out of this?’ and he just started laughing. He goes, ‘You know, when they talked to me about it a while back it sounded good, but I’m obligated, so we’re doing it,’” he said via Sportskeeda.

It is thought that both Undertaker and Goldberg will have walked away from the ring following their match last week, after all neither man has anything left to prove. This was just a fantasy match that both men thought they could deliver but sadly that wasn’t the case.