Batista Reveals Another Idea WWE Turned Down as Part of 2014 Run, CM Punk Responds

Batista’s last WWE match took place as part of WrestleMania 35 last year, when he lost to Triple H in a No Holds Barred match.

Ahead of his return to the company, Batista left WWE back in 2014 following the split of The Shield after being part of Evolution for a number of matches.

It was during this 2014 run that Batista claimed was one of his most frustrating, and recently added another reason for this.

A fan Tweeted The Animal to state that he believed his “Animal” theme song was the best of his career, which led to the former World Champion revealing that there was a plan for his theme upon his return.

Batista wanted to add lyrics to the theme to give it an updated feel, but the company turned the idea down.

This update is something that CM Punk came across and responded by saying “Lol. Sounds about right.”

CM Punk has since removed his comment.