Batista Set To Date Dana Brooke?

It appears that Batista and Dana Brooke have been having quite an interesting back and forth. This started with Brooke Tweeting about dating the former World Champion, before The Animal then shockingly responded.

The saga between Dana Brooke and Batista is set to continue as the duo look to be pushing their friendship on Social Media. The WWE Universe has been keeping up to date with the Tweets and if nothing else, a date with a former six-time World Champion could definitely get Dana a push on the SmackDown brand in the coming months.

The latest Tweet mentioned WrestleMania, Batista was at this past year’s show but isn’t expected to be in Tampa, will Brooke be able to persuade him out of retirement in time to be part of the show of shows, or could this all just be light-hearted fun between the two stars?