Batista Wants to Team Up With John Cena in a “Buddy Movie”

Batista and John Cena were major rivals during their time in the WWE, but both bid adieu to the wrestling business as full-time stars in the 2010s to focus on their respective film careers.

Both the stars have landed meaty roles and the Animal is willing to work in a movie with Cena. 

While responding to a tweet by a fan who asked for a team-up between the two stars for a buddy movie, Batista agreed and said he wants to do it as well. 

Both the stars have their schedules packed, with Batista shooting the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Cena engrossed in other projects, which will make him miss Wrestlemania this year. 

However, a movie with the two bitter rivals from the Ruthless Aggression Era will surely be a treat for not just wrestling fans, but movie fanatics as well