Bayley Breaks Record For Longest Number Of Days As SmackDown Women’s Champion

Image via WWE

Current SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley now holds the record for having the longest combined days with the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Bayley has currently held the title for 219 days. She surpassed the previous record of 216 days, held by Becky Lynch during her time with the blue brand, earlier in the week.

In a video posted on WWE’s Instagram, Bayley commented on her feelings about this milestone and the direction her career has taken.

She chides fans for not having faith in her abilities as a wrestler and champion and once again reminds us that she, along with her best friend Sasha Banks were the inaugural winners of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts currently held by the Kabuki Warriors.

“So, you sheep seem to be surprised that once against Bayley has made history in the WWE as the longest combined reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion,” begins Bayley in the video.

“There’s 365 days in a year and I have been your champion for 217 of them. Don’t even mention the 49 days that Sasha Banks and I were the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions!,” she adds.

“99 days that I wasn’t a champion, you know what I was doing? I was being a role model for your kids. I was being a leader for this locker room,” Bayley continues.

“It’s about time you guys start to recognize what’s in front of you right now because I have taken over this decade. And I’m going into 2020 as your SmackDown Women’s Champion and as the best role model you have ever seen,” she then declares.