Bayley Talks About Backstage Interactions With Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

The Hugger is the favourite to retain her title on August 11

Image via Reddit

Bayley will be defending her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ember Moon this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam. Ahead of her tile defense in Toronto, Canada, Bayley did a small interview with Talk Sport during which she talked about WWE’s brand new Executive Directors of RAW and SmackDown, namely Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff.

Heyman is playing an active role in the creative process and fans are pretty happy with the fresh feel that The Advocate has been able to bring to the product so far.

As far as Bischoff is concerned, he is working with Bruce Prichard backstage and has minimal creative influence at present.

Despite his new executive role in the company, Heyman still plays his age-old on-screen character of Brock Lesnar’s Advocate. The legendary manager sticks with his client wherever he goes and delivers spoilers on a regular basis.

And it so appears that Heyman is around “a little longer” than others.

Paul Heyman you get more interaction with because he’s around backstage a little longer. He’s always back there with Brock. The first time I ever talked to him was, I think, after my match with Ronda Rousey. He loved it and he was talking about how good it was for the both of us and how different it was for the both of us. Since then we’ve had little chit-chats here and there, but nothing too serious.”

While Heyman is always there for Superstars, even working with some of them on promos, the same can’t be said for Bischoff who is still on the learning curve.

“And I actually just met Eric Bischoff the other week [laughs]. So we’ll see how that goes – kind of need to start building that relationship now!”

A steady relationship with Uncle E could potentially benefit The Hugger on the blue brand going forward. The WCW legend knows the business inside-out and will likely have all the storylines to keep Bayley in the main event spotlight.