Bayley Wants Riott Squad, Billie Kay, Kayla Braxton, and Michael Cole in an Elimination Chamber Match

While reports have come out stating that there are no plans for a women’s Elimination Chamber Match this year, former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley has her own idea for an elimination chamber match.

On social media, Bayley pitched having an almost all-women elimination match.

She started out by saying that she wants to have the Riot Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott) in the Elimination Chamber. She then added in Billie Kay and her own “deadly rival” WWE commentator Michael Cole.

She also added that she knew that the above just made five competitors, so they should “throw in Kayla Braxton”.

“That’s a demand from the Role Model!!!!!” she said in her Tweet.  

Of the three women’s elimination chamber matches in WWE history, Bayley was part of two.

She was in the first-ever women’s elimination chamber match during Elimination Chamber 2018. Then, in 2019, as part of the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection with Sasha Banks, she became the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship by winning an elimination chamber match.

The Riott Squad was also part of the 2019 women’s tag team elimination chamber match, as was Billie Kay as part of the IIconics. Morgan and Riott also entered the chamber as singles wrestlers during Elimination Chamber 2020.