Becky Lynch Advises NXT Roster To Work Hard And Not Be Afraid To Fail

Lynch did not have much success in NXT compared to her Horsewomen counterparts

Image via WWE

Before current WWE Raw Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch was “The Man” on the main roster, she was part of the yellow-and-black brand of NXT.

Lynch recently spoke about her time in NXT with Newsweek and also gave her opinion about what the brand and the superstars in it should do now that they are moving to TV.

“Work hard. Work harder than anyone else,” Lynch advises the current NXT roster. “Don’t be afraid to fail. You fail, you fail. You can always come back, you can come back from anything.”

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Though Lynch may have been part of the Four Horsemen of NXT, it can’t be denied that compared to her compatriots, she didn’t really have much success in NXT.

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Lynch has candidly talked in the past about feeling like she had been floundering in the NXT roster and had been close to getting fired. She spoke about those struggles again during the Newsweek interview.

“When I came in, my confidence was down. I was constantly on the brink of being fired and worrying for my job,” said Lynch.

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Lynch credits the creative freedom she had in NXT for helping her to figure out who she was and eventually allowed her to create “The Man” persona on the main roster.  According to her, the turnaround moment, when she believed that she really did had a future in wrestling was when she challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

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Though Lynch was unsuccessful in her attempt then to take the championship off of Sasha Banks, the crowd reaction made all the difference in her confidence.

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“At the end when even though I lost, the crowd stood up and chanted for me, singing my song. I walked out and thought ‘Ok, I can come back from this too,'” she said.

Banks and Lynch are set to clash again during the Clash of Champions pay-per-view this September 15. This time Lynch is the defending champion while Banks is the challenger.