Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair Break Incredible Record On SmackDown Live

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch
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Charlotte Flair fought Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship last night and since their match lasted 23 minutes, it has now broken the record to become the longest televised women’s singles match on Raw or SmackDown in WWE history.

The match was able to outshine the previous record holder, which was the match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks back in July 2016.

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Charlotte and Lynch know each other very well since their alliance dates all the way back to their time in NXT together as two-quarters of The Four Horsewomen, but ever since SummerSlam, the two women have been at odds because Lynch is tired of being overlooked whilst Charlotte steals her spotlight.

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Last night’s Women’s Championship match kicked off SmackDown Live and went on to last through two advert breaks before it was ruled a double count out.

The match also had the added stipulation that if Lynch got herself disqualified once again, then the title would change hands since she cheated and took the easy way out at Super Show-Down when she hit Flair in the face with the Championship whilst in a submission move.

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The two women will now face off in the first ever ‘Last Woman Standing‘ match at WWE Evolution on October 28th, and many fans expect this to be a lengthy affair. Flair has already been part of an Iron Woman match alongside Sasha Banks, so she is aware of how much it takes out of you to last in a match for that long.

There is also the added swerve that if Flair wins the Championship then she will become the first ever eight-time Women’s Champion, breaking Trish Stratus’ long-standing record.