Becky Lynch Claims She Hasn’t Signed a New WWE Contract, Kofi Kingston Reveals Interesting New Look

Image via WWE

It’s hard to argue that Becky Lynch isn’t the hottest star in WWE at present, The RAW Women’s Champion won the Royal Rumble last year and went on to main event WrestleMania before continuing to dominate WWE in the months that followed. Lynch defends her Women’s Championship against Asuka in two weeks’ time at the Royal Rumble and ahead of the show and reports claimed that The Man had signed a new WWE contract.

Lynch is the most outspoken female wrestler in the company at present and given the rumors, she decided to set things straight on Social Media.

The Champion claimed that she hasn’t signed a new contract in years, but did reveal that a deal will be coming up soon since hers is set to expire in the coming months. Becky Lynch’s success came after she changed her image and became The Man, so it comes as no surprise that former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has decided to switch up his look in the hopes that he will be taken seriously once again.

It was around this time last year that Kingston kicked himself into a new gear and looked like a legitimate threat to the WWE Championship, something that he picked up for the first time at WrestleMania 35. Kingston is a current Champion in the absence of Xavier Woods, but his new look with blonde dreadlocks could be exactly the change he was looking for heading into the most exciting few months of the WWE calendar.

With the annual Royal Rumble match coming up in just two weeks’ time, Kingston will be thinking of what new escape tactic he can use in order to avoid elimination and defy belief this year since many fans only tune in to see how Kingston stands out on an annual basis.