Becky Lynch And Corey Graves Throw Some Shade On Social Media

Becky Lynch has become one of the fastest rising stars in the wrestling business over the past few weeks, but the SmackDown Women’s Champion has gained a lot of negative attention for her use of Social Media throughout.

Lynch was sidelined after a botch from Nia Jax left her with a concussion and a broken face, she has since used Social Media to continue to push her character and a match with Ronda Rousey, something that has obviously annoyed Corey Graves

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Graves is on the commentary desk for both SmackDown and Raw, which means that he watches the entire product every week and has shared his  views with Lynch on Twitter. 

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The back and forth between the two stars was definitely interesting as Lynch referred to Graves as “Heenan-Lite” before he bounced back with the statement that Vince McMahon doesn’t care about what Lynch is doing in the ring. 

This argument has now reached the level where Graves has even changed his Twitter name just to continue to troll the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Lynch calls herself The Man, something that has gained her a lot of positive feedback, so Graves has now decided to rename himself as The Woman in order to get under Lynch’s skin. 

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Lynch has much bigger things to worry about at present since she defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship at TLC in just three days time against both Charlotte and Asuka in the first ever women’s TLC match.

Lynch proved that she was more than ready this week on SmackDown Live, but given the fact that she has been on the sidelines for the past month, her health status for the show is still unknown.