Becky Lynch Didn’t Like The Idea Of Working With Seth Rollins

Becky was skeptical about having her relationship be at the forefront of the show

Image via WWE

The current RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has appeared with her real-life boyfriend Seth Rollins quite often in WWE recently. WWE is not known to acknowledge real-life relationships on TV often, but they made sure the new IT couple of WWE made it to TV together.

Becky Lynch, in an interview with Talksport, talked about how she was apprehensive at first at the possibility of working with her partner. She felt their character of two badasses could be hurt by having them work together as a couple.

She didn’t like how the relationship was handled by WWE at first, however, she felt OK about it later on. Becky was skeptical about having her relationship be at the forefront of WWE programming. She wanted to work with Seth Rollins simply because he is an awesome wrestler and not because he is her boyfriend.

“Honestly, I was very apprehensive,” Lynch started. “What I didn’t want was everybody talking about the relationship. What I wanted was two badasses, two people at the top of their game fighting side-by-side. Not for the world to be reminded every five minutes that this is Becky Lynch’s boyfriend or that’s Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. Which, of course, they didn’t do. They were the masters of subtlety…”

Lynch also talked about the possibility of having an Evolution II, without Ronda Rousey. Dave Meltzer reported recently that WWE didn’t plan on doing another Evolution show without Ronda Rousey. Lynch felt Evolution was one of the best PPVs of 2018, and featured her in a MOTY contender.

Becky Lynch is currently scheduled to take on Natalya at Summerslam in two weeks. After the recent shenanigans on RAW, it seems possible that either Alexa Bliss or/and Nikki Cross are added to the RAW Women’s Championship Match at Summerslam.