Becky Lynch And Mickie James Trade Shots On Twitter

Royal Rumble season is upon us and it seems that it’s every woman for herself since Mickie James thought that it was a good idea to provoke “The Man” on Twitter and has now been pulled into a full blown argument.

James is a former six-time Women’s Champion, but over the past few months, Becky Lynch has been the headline act in the Women’s Division which could have easily left many of the women on the roster feeling some what jealous.

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James initially released the following Tweet earlier today in response to a Tweet that Lynch posted a while back about being a Forever Champion. James seemed somewhat happy to be representing the women of the current era, while pointing out that Lynch didn’t feel the same way since she was calling herself “The Man.”

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Lynch went straight in with shade as she seemingly alluded to the fact that James had an illicit relationship with John Cena back in the late 2000’s which led to her being moved from Raw to SmackDown Live.

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James has since responded to this to make her own reference to all of the build up and then being left with nothing but disappointment where she then pointed out that Lynch was right, she was “The Man.”

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It is unknown why these two women have decided to throw shade online right now since Lynch isn’t currently expected to be part of the Royal Rumble because she could win back her Women’s Championship earlier in the night when she takes on Asuka for the title that she only lost back at TLC.

Now if The Lasskicker is added to the match then she will make a beeline for Mickie James.