Becky Lynch On Main Eventing WrestleMania 35, Teases Conor McGregor Appearance

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is set to defend her title in a Triple Threat Match against Charlotte Flair and Asuka this Sunday at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

On the Ariel Helwani Show, The Irish Lasskicker recently discussed a variety of professional wrestling topics mainly focused on WWE. 

Lynch clearly has one big goal in mind at the moment and that is to main event WrestleMania 35 with a match against Ronda Rousey

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“That’s my goal. That’s all I can think about. That’s all I want. I’m living it right now. It’s what I wake up thinking about. It’s what I go to bed thinking about. If I had a vision board, that would be on my vision board. But I think that the possibility is, I think it’s right there, right?”

“It doesn’t matter what the gender is, or if it’s for an evolution or whatever. People care about this fight. It’s the one that people will care about the most. So it should be the main event.”

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The Man was initially slated to clash against the RAW Women’s Champion at Survivor Series but was eventually pulled from the show upon suffering a broken face at the hands of “Facebreaker” Nia Jax during the invasion segment on the go-home episode of Monday Night RAW.

UFC megastar Conor McGregor recently offered to provide Lynch with “proper backup” causing fans to endlessly speculate whether “The Notorious” would actually show up at the MetLife Stadium on April 7, 2019.

Although both Becky and Conor used to train at different facilities of John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast Gym (SBG) International, the two badasses have never quite met in person.

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The Man once again teased McGregor’s appearance at WrestleMania 35.

“I could bring him along. I could show him a thing or two – myself & Conor vs. Ronnie & Kurt Angle or something.”