Becky Lynch Opens Up About WWE Using Her Real Life Relationship As A Storyline

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Image via WWE

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have become WWE’s biggest power couple over the past few weeks and were even given the honor of closing Stomping Grounds this past weekend after Lynch was able to save Rollins and his Championship from Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin.

The couple has since been able to build on this on Monday Night Raw and now have a match at Extreme Rules where Lynch and Rollins will put their Championships on the line against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a “Winners Take All” match.

Rollins has been referred to as The Man’s man in recent months and seems as though he has been pushed down the ranks in WWE since he was the one being insulted by Corbin and Evans on Monday Night Raw since he had to be saved the night before by his girlfriend.

The couple have been in a relationship over the past few months and were able to keep it quiet before they decided that the time was right on Social Media in the middle of an argument with Beth Phoenix and Edge.

Since the couple made their romance public, the company has decided to take advantage of the situation, but how does Lynch feel about her relationship being exploited on WWE TV.

The Man recently spoke to GuideLive where she commented on the relationship and how hard it was to keep it off-screen after it became public knowledge.

“That’s something that came about recently. I think seeing the potential to have two top stars fighting side by side as champions is something that we couldn’t really ignore, so here we are,” she said via Ringsidenews.

It is unknown what the on-screen relationship between the two stars is leading towards but it seems to have started off on a good foot for both Champions.