Becky Lynch Pin Points Where Her Rise To The Top Began, Talks About Being “Top Dog” In WWE

Becky Lynch
Image via Sportskeeda

Becky Lynch defends her Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships on Sunday night at Money in the Bank when she becomes the first female wrestler in WWE history to defend two Championships in one night. Lynch is aware that the odds are stacked against her but continues to push herself as one of the company’s top stars following her huge victory back at WrestleMania.

Ahead of her two matches this weekend against Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair, Lynch spoke to where she recalled that Money in the Bank back in 2018 when she was part of the contract ladder match, was when her change in fortunes began.

“Every time I stepped foot on the ladder, to win that contract [to receive a championship opportunity], the crowd went mad. It showed everyone that I have a bond with the audience. That maybe they were sick of me being overlooked. And I really attribute that to everything else that happened,” she said via WrestlingInc.

The Irish Lasskicker now believes that the fact that the WWE Universe has gotten behind her recently has pushed her forward and allowed WWE to give her more opportunities. The Man also thinks that she has gone from being an “underdog” in WWE to the “Top dog” of the company given her rise from WrestleMania pre-show to the main event over the past year.

“I was asked last week, why would I take on two competitors at Money in the Bank? I have two belts. I made my way to WrestleMania by fighting twice in one night. I’m not the underdog anymore. I’m the top dog.”

“People always said my dreams were unrealistic, to go from the WrestleMania pre-show (in 2017) to the main event. It was a matter of breaking through, and I accepted that until I made it happen.”