Becky Lynch Rips Into Sasha Banks, Issues a Challenge

Banks has not appeared on WWE TV since WrestleMania


Becky Lynch is one of the best trash talkers in WWE today, ever since her character evolved from the “happy to be here babyface” to “aggressive babyface who doesn’t give a damn about anything”.

Becky Lynch spoke with Sky Sports recently and tore into Sasha Banks. She compared Banks to Ronda Rousey, calling her a sore loser who couldn’t handle the pain of losing a championship.

“Oh yeah, if Sasha Banks could hack it and didn’t just get her jacket and shoes off, crying like Ronda Rousey then I would love to face her. But unfortunately she couldn’t take losing. She lost the tag team championship and she was gone.”

“Some people can’t hack losing. They can’t step up and realize when you lose, it’s just a chance to get better and learn and a chance to grow. Instead she wants to talk about ‘oh the freaking wind and the butterflies and the freaking cocoons. And I’m a rabbit that’s coming from the Earth and the soil.’ And whatever else she wants to put on her freaking social media crap. Come fight me Sasha if you want it.”

Becky Lynch went on to challenge the Boss for a match, which could be a hint at Banks returning to full-time WWE programming soon. Banks has not appeared on WWE TV since WrestleMania, similar to Ronda Rousey, after it was rumored that Banks was unhappy with the way she lost the Tag Team Championships.

There are rumors of Banks returning at SummerSlam to start a much-deserved rivalry with Becky Lynch. The Boss returning in her heelish NXT avatar to take on Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, will be a great sight and give Banks a credible challenger for her title.

Becky Lynch has defended her title against Lacey Evans, and is set to battle Natalya at SummerSlam.