Becky Lynch Speaks About Dusty Rhodes’ Influence In Her WWE Career

Image via WWE

In the ring and backstage, Becky Lynch is ‘The Man’, who will let no one hold her down and will fight for what she deserves. But despite her tough persona, she’s not afraid to be vulnerable and talk about her insecurities and struggles as well.

She has talked about becoming depressed when she had to leave wrestling after an injury back in 2006. She has also admitted to almost being fired back in NXT . It’s this ability to be strong but vulnerable that allows people to relate to her and keep rooting for her underdog story to end in triumph.

In another recent interview she touched on “not feeling good enough” back when she first came to NXT and who it was that helped her keep going and trying to find a character that worked – Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

According to Lynch, when she returned to wrestling by signing with NXT, she had totally lost her confidence in the ring.

“I really downplayed myself to a fault. I acted like I didn’t know anything, whereas I did and then it was a complete mind game. I had messed with my own head so much that I could barely do a lockup anymore. I would just over-complicate everything, overthink everything. It was just me vs. me, really,” admits Lynch.

 It was Rhodes believing in her that kept her going.

“I know if it wasn’t for Dusty Rhodes really believing in me and encouraging me and my wild promos that I would do on Wednesday nights, I don’t know that I’d still be here,” says Lynch.

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