Becky Lynch Takes Shot At AEW, Says She Would “Whoop” Their Entire Women’s Division

While many in the higher echelons of both AEW and the WWE will deny that there is a “war” between the companies, that hasn’t stopped members of both rosters taking shots or throwing challenges at each other.

The latest to take a shot at the other company’s locker room is the current WWE RAW Women’s Champion, The Man Becky Lynch.

On Saturday, Jim Ross Tweeted out that Lynch was the most over talent in the WWE. He tagged Lynch and The Man promptly responded with thanks for JR and a challenge for the AEW locker room.

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 “Nothing but respect, JR — you’re an amazing announcer,” begins Lynch.

“So go down to the locker room and announce that I would whoop your whole women’s division any day of the week and twice on Sundays,” she adds.

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The interaction between Ross and Lynch probably stems from an earlier interaction between Ross and Lynch’s fiancée, Seth Rollins.

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During his most recent podcast, Ross commented on Rollins taking shots at AEW after Rollins said that AEW talent Kenny Omega was “wrestling in the minor leagues.”

Ross took umbrage on Rollins taking shots at AEW before taking a shot himself stating that maybe one day Rollins will “be as over as his girlfriend.”

Sometime after that news broke, Rollins wrote a tweet that some think is a response to Ross’ comments.

“Come hang out with me and my super over fiancée!” wrote Rollins, though he didn’t address it to anyone in particular.

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Someone, however, tagged Ross, which prompted Ross’ Tweet to Lynch and Lynch’s Tweet in return.