Becky Lynch Talks About What Is Needed To Improve WWE Content

Image via WWE

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch thinks that there is too much WWE content and that wrestlers need more freedom to make their own promos.

During a Gorilla Position Live event in the UK last weekend, Lynch and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins were caught on video by a fan, answering a few questions.

Rollins had been asked about how involved in creative Vince McMahon is, instead of answering, he passed the question onto Lynch who talked about the difficulties of being part of creative and just plain creative.

“Being a part of creative is so hard, right? We all have opinions and being a wrestling fan is hard, right? Because we all have opinions and we want to see things a certain way,” she said.

One reason it was hard, according to Lynch was due to the sheer volume of content that creative has to come up with a week.

“There’s 7 hours of WWE a week, for crying out loud, and that’s without a pay-per-view,” said Lynch.

One thing that could help, said Lynch, would be to allow some superstars more freedom to be creative themselves.

“I think I would give the wrestlers more freedom to talk and to be able to cut their own promos. Because we know ourselves, we know what our mission is, we know why we want to do things, we know why we don’t like people. And if we don’t know those things, then we shouldn’t be in WWE, my God. Right?” said Lynch.

While Lynch and Rollins are an acknowledge WWE couple both on and off the screen and part of the RAW brand, they have been kept separate in storyline since finishing a program against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

Rollins is in the middle of a heel turn, gaining the AOP as muscle and seemingly set to clash with Kevin Owens. Lynch, on the other had is set to team with Charlotte Flair in a tag team championship match with the Kabuki Warriors at TLC.