Becky Lynch Tells WWE Women To “Step Up”, Dolph Ziggler Calls Goldberg Fans “Pathetic Marks”

Image via WWE

Becky Lynch Tells WWE Women To “Step Up”

WWE has released a video of current WWE RAW Women’s Champion “The Man” Becky Lynch where she issues a challenge to the women in the WWE roster.

According to Lynch, she’s disappointed in the current roster for not stepping up and instead being more concerned with “being liked”.

“I don’t think I have enough people stepping up to ‘The Man,’ stepping up to the top dog, stepping up to the one that proved that anything can be done in this industry. That we can achieve anything, that if you just put your mind to it and stop sitting in that back, trying to be liked by everybody that you can actually do great things in this business,” says Lynch.

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“We’re in the freaking fighting industry! Don’t be talking about your stupid feelings, I don’t care about your stupid feelings! I care about making money. I care about these people that pay money to come and see us. Get them interested. Give them what they want. Give them a fight that they care about, but you want to talk about your stupid feelings,” adds Lynch.

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Dolph Ziggler Lashes Out At Goldberg Fans

Dolph Ziggler is set to face Goldberg at SummerSlam, in a match that some people feel did not have much buildup.

Many people felt that Ziggler’s storyline leading up to SummerSlam was putting him in a collision course with the Miz or maybe even Shawn Michaels. However, it turns out that it’s Goldberg, who we last saw in a match with the Undertaker at Super ShowDown.

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For his part, Ziggler is working hard to get heat for himself going into the match where he is ostentatiously the heel. This includes tweeting that fans who are looking forward to the match are “pathetic marks”.