Beer Money and American Alpha To Reform In The WWE?

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Though he’s been a singles wrestler for most of his WWE run, Bobby Roode actually has quite the successful history as a tag team competitor.

Most notably, as part of Beer Money, Inc., Roode has held the TNA Tag Team titles a record-breaking five times. Given that, it’s not so surprising that the WWE might want to capitalize on Roode’s tag team experience. On the last episode of RAW (September 3), Roode successfully teamed with Chad Gable against the Ascension.

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While the possibility of Roode and Gable becoming a regular tag team is in the air, another fan theory is also seizing the imagination of the WWE universe.

According to the “WWE Hot Takes” Twitter, the team up between Roode and Gable isn’t going to last long and, in a sense, has just been put together till the two men can reform their original tag teams.

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In the case of Gable, that would be American Alpha, his tag team with the rumored to be soon returning from injury Jason Jordan. While the two enjoyed their greatest success in NXT, becoming NXT Tag Team champions, they were not really given a chance to shine in the main roster as they were quickly split up.

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As for Roode, for Beer Money, Inc. to be reformed, his former partner James Storm would need to sign up with the WWE first.

Storm himself has taken note of the rumors of a Beer Money reunion, retweeting the following:

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Storm is currently a singles competitor with Insane Championship wrestling but he actually beat Roode to the WWE. He showed up on NXT several times during the later part of 2015 but eventually re-signed with TNA in 2016. He and Roode did another run as Beer Money before Roode himself left for NXT.