Ben Carter Reveals When He Got His WWE Offer

NXT UK’s latest talent, Ben Carter, took to Twitter to address speculation surrounding the “timing” of his signing with WWE.

Carter came to the attention of wrestling fans after several well-received matches on AEW Dynamite and Dark last year. Shortly after that, reports were released which stated that WWE was now quite interested in Carter.

Some of the reports implied that WWE had “stolen” Carter from AEW and fueled speculation that WWE went after talent to prevent them from signing with AEW.

Several AEW signees have alluded to that fact, noting that they had received calls from WWE only after making appearances in AEW. The most recent of these was Will Hobbs.

Carter, however, nixes the idea that he only came to WWE’s attention after his AEW appearances. According to his Tweet, where he said he wanted to “clear something up real quick”, WWE made him an offer before he had appeared anywhere else.

Aside from AEW, Carter also appeared in Impact as well as Game Changer Wrestling. PWInsider has reported that WWE was already aware of Carter before his Game Changer Wrestling debut.

It should be noted that Carter trained at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy in Iowa which was founded by WWE superstar Seth Rollins.

According to Carter, Rollins was active in the training process when he was there. Rollins himself has acknowledged this and spoke highly of Carter’s potential.