Big Cass Regrets Disappointing Everyone In WWE

CaZXL currently performs in the independent circuit and with ROH

Image via WWE

William Morrissey, better known by his ring name Big Cass, was one of the most promising future main eventers in WWE. His main roster stint turned out to be short lived as WWE fired him on grounds of behavioral issues and disobedience of Vince McMahon’s orders.

Cass, who now wrestles in ROH under the ring name CaZXL, hasn’t been able to accomplish much since his WWE exit last year. Truth be told, his career graph post-WWE can be best described as a steep downwards slope.

During a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, ex-Superstar Cass talked about the final meeting he had with The Chairman.

“We had a long talk. It was a great talk. We had a very very good conversation and we left very amicably. I have no bad things to say about that company. They treated me well.”

The 7 ft wrestler regrets disappointing everyone who had high hopes for him.

They put me in great spots. They did everything for me and I kinda just f*cked them over. I feel bad about that and I’m disappointed in myself that I let a lot of people down.”

In June, CaZXL crashed the G1 Supercard with former Tag Team partner Enzo Amore. It was later reported that the segment was a worked shoot.

The Paul Heyman Era has already begun and we could only imagine how great things would’ve turned out for Cass had he still been under contract with WWE. Simply put, the 32-year-old wrestler would’ve been the perfect (next) Heyman Guy.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Cass’ departure has largely benefited his near-mirror image Drew McIntyre.

The Scottish Psychopath has earned the main event spotlight in his own right but let’s not forget that Big Bambino was made to go over The Big Show – a clear proof that the blonde powerhouse was already being groomed for a much bigger role in the company.