Big Cass Suffers Seizure At House Of Hardcore Event

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Former WWE Superstar Big Cass is reported to have suffered a seizure during the House of Hardcore Event held at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on December 8.

According to reports from fans, Cass was not in the ring when he suffered the seizure. Rather he was by the merchandise table during an intermission before his scheduled match. He was supposed to have been signing autographs before collapsing.

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An ambulance was called to take Cass to the hospital and Tommy Dreamer stepped into the ring to tell the fans what had happened.

Check out the following fan post and photo of Big Cass:

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Cass was said to be responsive on the way to the ambulance but there has been no official word yet as to what caused his seizure.

According to Dreamer, Cass’s seizure was not drug related. Dreamer said he had been with Cass the whole day and could vouch for that fact. He also stated that Cass was going through a lot of stuff and asked the fans to pray for him.

Check out the following fan post and video of Dreamer talking about the situation with Big Cass:

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Big Cass signed with the WWE back in 2011 at the development territory of Florida Championship Wrestling. When it was rebranded as NXT, he stayed on and formed a tag team with Enzo Amore. The duo were quite popular, though they never held the tag team titles.

Both moved to Raw after Wrestlemania 32. They broke up after Extreme Rules 2017 and feuded before Cass was injured and Enzo was let go. Cass came back to SmackDown on April 2018, where he feuded with Daniel Bryan before getting released due to behavioral issues.